Being a grandparent, I’m always researching Christmas ideas that all my kids can enjoy.  I was asked to review “The Clausen Family Countdown to Christmas” collection of books.  After reading the first book, I was hooked.  I watched my kids as I read the books to them.  The looks on their faces as I read aloud told me this set was a winner.  I would recommend this collection to anyone looking for a month long adventure for a child, or children.

~ B.J. Hall – Logan, UT

After reading several books in The Clausen Family Countdown to Christmas collection, I will definitely be purchasing a set for my little one.  The books are entertaining and each one left me looking forward to the next adventure.  I can’t wait to start our new holiday tradition!

~ Raina Wampole – Willamina, OR

When my friend, Val, asked me to read and review her Christmas Advent books, I was happy to comply. Little did I know I would be hooked after reading the first 5 books, she and her sister Jannie had finished. Each story was well written and beautifully illustrated. At the end of each book, the suspense built and I couldn’t wait to start the next one. Unfortunately only the first 5 books were available at that time. I am anxiously awaiting the release of the entire set. I would like to preorder the set for my future grandchildren. This well-crafted set will become a Haycock tradition for our family, and I get to finish reading 20 more cute stories. Hats off to you, Jannie and Val, for coming up with this great idea.

~ Donna Haycock – Ogden, UT


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